Wrap-up: April Meeting

  • April 08, 2016 4:25 PM
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    Ann Battenfield (Administrator)

    Wondering what you missed at the April meeting? Dan Johnson, one of the Downtown Community members, graciously offered to share his thoughts.

    The Chicago ISPI Downtown Community met on April 4 at the James R. Thompson Center where we discussed "learning" versus "performance improvement."  We, as performance improvement professionals, can often feel we are alone in our emphasis on measurable, improved performance. 

    Since many of our clients (and colleagues) use the language of "learning" rather than "performance," it an be a challenge to educate our clients on the difference between learning and performance and why the emphasis should be on behavioral outcomes.  All too often organizations are satisfied with using the latest technology just so employees can check mark a box saying they completed a training session.

    The members discussed how wonderful it feels to know you are not alone and to be in a group where you feel you belong. Whether it's sharing the battles related to the ongoing education of our clients, learning from others how to support and achieve improved performance, or being happy that you have a place to call your professional home, it's gratifying to feel a sense of camaraderie at Chicago ISPI meetings.

    The Downtown Community will meet again on May 2.  The Community members chose to discuss a trend in workplaces today -- abolishing performance reviews yet still awarding merit increases to employees.  What are organizations doing?  How is it working out?  How do they keep track of performance (if at all)?  Bring your ideas (as well as colleagues!) and join us! It's free, but please sign up so that we know who to look for.

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